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Andy met Dave back in 2007 while they were working as bartenders for a local pub in Cambridge. They started to collaborate on material under the name of The Avery Boys. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that they were to finally play their first gig. Andy met now co-lead singer Liam while studying for a PhD in 2013, together the three of them formed Datum Plane, with Adam Bell on bass. However, after just a month a move for Adam to Exeter meant that the band was forced to look for a new bass player. They met Charlie Gill on gumtree. Charlie played over 40 gigs with the band in just shy of three years, but in August, 2017 decided to step down to pursue other avenues. However, as luck would have it, 2017 marked Bell’s return to Cambridge, and with it he naturally slotted back in to Datum Plane. The current line up is now as we started out: Sendall, Wilson, McCombie and Bell.

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